You & Your Dog

Lockdown Tips for Dog Owners

Many dog owners worry how the lockdown will affect their beloved four-legged friend. There are many things that don’t need to change and some that do. Here are a few tips to help you look after your dog during lockdown. 

Feed as you normally would 

As you are spending more time in the house and more time with your dog, you may be tempted to give your dog extra little bits of food and treats. Try and keep their feeding routine as you normally would as when lockdown ends, you will no longer be there to give them their extra little treats. If you must change their diet, do it gradually and over time or it may upset their stomach. Always ensure that they have got access to clean fresh water. 

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Alone time

Usually while you’re out the house at work, your dog has plenty of alone time to relax and unwind. They may not feel they can do this while you’re there, especially if there are young children around more often. Give them a space where they can go by themselves to have some relaxation time. This can be a little den or a dog bed.

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Regular playtime

As there are more restrictions on leaving the house your dog may not be able to have the opportunity to run around outside. Regular playtime will help keep their brains engaged and will also be a lot of fun for the both of you. You could hide treats around the house for them to sniff out or play their favourite game such as tug of war or fetch.

Preventing separation anxiety

If your dog is used to spending some time alone while you’re out working, it is important to schedule some alone time while you’re working from home. Place them in another room while you’re doing your work or leave them at home when you leave for essential trips. This will help them when lockdown ends.

Don’t change too much

If you drastically change your dog’s routine, they will be left upset and confused when things go back to the pre-lockdown normal. It is important to keep things as normal as possible for your dog so know what to expect when you go back to work.